The CRESCENDO Project addresses the Vision 2020 objectives for the aeronautical industry by contributing significantly to the fulfillment of three specific targets of the aeronautical industry’s Strategic Research Agenda.
Organisations are engaging in more and more sophisticated business networks to improve collaboration. These business networks can range from more static relationships like Supply Chainsto very dynamic networks like virtual organisations.
The aim of the funSTEP project is the achievement of an integrated STEP-based environment for manufacturer-customer integration, and the support of information flow management in the factory.
STAND-INN addresses new manufacturing processes based on the IFC standards and performance based standards for sustainable development. The main objectives of this project are to create new and more efficient business in the construction sector.
The overall objective of CoSpaces is to develop organisational models and distributed technologies supporting innovative collaborative workspaces for individuals and project teams within distributed virtual manufacturing enterprises to establish effective partnerships, collaborate...
World-class competitiveness of European Enterprises, including SMEs, strongly depends, in the future, on their ability to concretize massively and rapidly networked dynamic organizations. New Technologies for Interoperability within and between enterprises...