The aim of the IMAGINE project is the achievement of a development and delivery of a novel comprehensive methodology and the respective platform for effective end-to-end management of dynamic manufacturing networks in an innovative plug and produce approach...
The vision of ALTER-NATIVA Project is to build consensus and valid curricula for the training programmes of professors in the areas of language, mathematics and science, and with them propose different educational projects, embodying information and communication technologies (ICT).
The project ISOFIN Cloud takes as a principal objective the development of a platform that speeds the development up and deployment of services to be sold the clients and users of the financial domain (bench and insurances).
UNITE Project is a EU-FP7 funded coordination action, gathering 5 institutions that are committed in increasing the level of excellence of ICT research across an enlarged Europe by promoting active secondment to research teams and strengthening cooperation...
SHBuildings project responds to the need to boost R & D, competitiveness, and ensure the sustainability of SUDOE Space, promoting energy efficiency and promoting efficient public management.
iSURF Project intends to develop knowledge-oriented inter-enterprise collaboration tools for European SMEs to enable them to be more agile, self-sustainable and responsive to the changes in the supply chain.