ZDMP combines state of the art technological approaches based on commercial grade standard, solid open-source, of previous-project software with an innovative integration concept based on proven and integrated technologies. It provides Process and Product Quality support on top of a platform layer. These all can utilise ZDMP core services which can also be used to build ZD Apps that are placed on the ZD Marketplace.

To remain competitive and keep its leading manufacturing position, European industry is required to produce high quality products at a low cost in the most efficient way. Today, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a substantial transformation due to the proliferation of new digital and ICT solutions, which are applied along the production process chain and are helping to make production more efficient as in the case of smart factories. The goal of the ZDMP Project is to develop and establish a digital platform for connected smart factories for achieving excellence in manufacturing through zero- defect processes and products thanks to the use of zero-defect core services for developing Apps. As the Phone propelled to the Smart Phone, ZDMP will propel the Factory to the Smart Factory to the Smart Zero-Defect factory. To achieve this, this platform, this project, Zero-defects Digital Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP), will be designed and developed according to the following principles: Ubiquity, Elasticity, Extensibility, Interoperability, and Openness.

ZDMPs pan-European consortium entails ICT Technology SMEs, Manufacturing/ZD Technology SMEs, Technology Corporates, 4 Sector and Cross- Domain Use cases and specialists. ZDMP also is supported by the Coordinating partners of FOF projects CREMA, vf-OS, and C2NET.


Form more information visit: http://zdmp.eu/