Based on the number of people it employs, the furniture industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the world and in Europe in particular. To keep its competitiveness, Europe needs to accomplish rapidly the new requirements for the furniture industrial sector in the e-global marketplace. SMART-fm project establishes a Thematic Network organized in 5 inter-coordinated Working Groups to harmonize and demonstrate to the furniture industry the state of the art and trends in Standardization and Research in complete integrated Product Life Cycle (PLC), intelligence e-business and extended enterprise practices.


Network members and furniture related companies are the major receivers of SMART - fm results. They will be the basis to stimulate companies to adopt the project results and the research community to move beyond.


The general objective is to stimulate and accelerate furniture-related companies in the advent of e-business, extended enterprises and intelligent services, to adopt technologies and practices preparing industry and researchers to advance on the state of the art, identifying requirements to move beyond and reach the future vision of furniture manufacturing business. Specific objectives: Propose a new modular and extended ISO Application Protocol, to support the complete integrated Product Life Cycle for the furniture industry manufacturers. Develop e-business services taxonomies, following a previously adopted technical methodology. Co-ordinate the international developments towards the IT-support for extend sector terminology. Harmonise and demonstrate to the furniture industry the state of the art and future vision in Standardisation and Research of complete integrated Product Life Cycle, e-business and extended enterprises. Study and report on the expected Social and IPR implications.