Smart Cities for Smart People

The project aims at establishing the sustainable research collaboration between MEF and UNINOVA in the topic of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) interoperability, with scientific objective to develop the context-awareness capabilities of the future CPSs. The project addresses important topic of global interest and thus it is expected to create a number of future opportunities for trans-national cooperation of the partners at a wider scale (e.g. in Horizon 2020 programme). This potential will be pursued by the direct and indirect involvement of young researchers (PhDs), high-tech SMEs and even through the educational process.


To successfully operate and deal with the present economic challenges, it’s imperative that enterprises become even more flexible, efficient, collaborative, productive and smart. To reach such objective enterprises should have management systems able to aggregate all their assets with the support of Cyber Physical systems. These supply  embedded systems supported by artificial intelligence, interoperability, and smart electronics able to sustain the creation of autonomous knowledge gathering processes with context awareness, decision making and actuation capabilities.


The objective of this initiative is to support the research to potentiate the future development of Cyber Physical Systems to integrate perception, communication, learning, behaviour generation and reasoning capabilities. This would support the “new generation of business intelligent and autonomous systems” generation, able to anticipate future decisions by the understanding of the information handled.