SHBuildings project responds to the need to boost R & D, competitiveness, and ensure the sustainability of SUDOE Space, promoting energy efficiency and promoting efficient public management. The proposal to create a system of integrated building management requires a number of developments related to R & D relating to the sensor system, internet of things and cloud computing and will be specified in both models and new tools control and decision making.


The application area of the project is the historic building, and generate, transferring results, increased competition between companies in the industry to use the project management system. For the whole field of conservation, the project will help transform intensive sector labor and low-tech, a sector supported in the latest technology.


This sector accounts for almost 0.5% of GDP in Spain and clearly influences the cultural tourism sector, which is a major economic engine in the SUDOE area, and support the partial conversion of the construction sector orienting towards energy rehabilitation, functional and towards preventive conservation. Finally, it will better achieve the objectives of the 2020 strategy on energy efficiency applied to the building.