The Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector – AECin Europe is one of the most important worldwide, with 26 million workers in the EU, depending directly or indirectly on the AEC sector. The aim of this initiative is to involve the AEC industry in the emerging digital economy and smart enterprises through the use of modern information technologies and standards. The primary objective of the project is the creation of a Thematic Network in the European AEC sector to promote the use and implementation of standards for product data exchange, the e-work and e-business.


The prodAEC project brings together material providers, construction companies, suppliers, designers, industrial federations, engineering consulting, software vendors, R&D centres and Universities; all of them from all around the EU and associated Eastern countries.


The ProDAEC Network work plan has the following general structure: A first phase of industrial requirements and state-of-the-art, which will collect the technical information about existing standards and technical advances in the integration information for the AEC sector. The dissemination, as well as the management will last until the end of the project. The network will be structured in four working groups: "Product & Project Data Exchange", "E-workflow", and "E-business". The network plans to contribute to the ongoing initiatives for standardization related to the AEC sector.