The main objective of the OSMOSE project is to develop a reference architecture, a middleware and some prototypal applications for the Sensing-Liquid Enterprise, by interconnecting Real, Digital and Virtual Worlds in the same way a semi-permeable membrane permits the flow of liquid particles through itself.


OSMOSE will go beyond the state of open APIs, models and tools so that enterprises can easily deploy a consolidated business strategy spanning RW-DW and VW.


The project will use two European industrial scenarios (AVIATION and AUTOMOTIVE), assessing the technology and the socio-technical implications including privacy and security issues. The consortium includes: a) end-users (Aviation and Automotive companies), they provide specifications and aim to install the envisaged functionalities onto their components; b) technology providers, involved in the design, development and implementation of state-of-the-art tools, and are committed to the exploitation of the main results; c) as well as research institutions.


The Aviation industry needs through OSMOSE to optimise and manage the operations of a Flight Simulator AW 139 model using a fix-based Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD). The Automotive industry needs through OSMOSE to optimise and manage a global manufacturing process of for instance, automotive camshafts to produce with less energy, best quality and higher yield.


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Rome (Italy), 25th - 28th April 2016