iSURF Project intends to develop knowledge-oriented inter-enterprise collaboration tools for European SMEs to enable them to be more agile, self-sustainable and responsive to the changes in the supply chain. An open smart product infrastructure will be developed to collect supply chain visibility information and an interoperability service utility will be provided for seamless exchange of planning documents.


Today's competitive and demanding world of business requires new networked applications and services capable of interoperation across variety of business domains and organizations of all sizes. iSURF will provide an intelligent collaborative supply chain planning network that will:

 - Develop a Semantic Interoperability Service Utility for achieving the semantic reconciliation of the planning and forecasting business documents exchanged between the companies according to different standards.

 - Provide an open source smart product infrastructure for SMEs in order to enhance their capabilities of gathering product information through RFID devices, filtering and aggregating the collected data and putting them into a business context.

 - Ensure the security and privacy of the real time visibility data gathered through RFID devices, the planning and forecasting messages exchanged across enterprise.

 - Enable the definition and execution of inter-enterprise collaboration across wide variety of business domains through the Service Oriented Collaborative Supply Chain Planning Process Definition and Execution Platform.

 - Wrap the existing legacy applications with semantically enriched web services to solve the technical interoperability problem during interaction with the underlying legacy business processes.