The project ISOFIN Cloud takes as a principal objective the development of a platform that speeds the development up and deployment of services to be sold the clients and users of the financial domain (bench and insurances). Claim that this platform comes to unify ontology these two sub-domains - Bench and insurances, allowing which insurers, bench, clients and brokers could agree in the transparent way to any service inside the Cloud.


As results waited from the project there is included the definition of a set of direction lines that guarantee the interoperability in the Financial domain and a set of tools and mechanisms that will allow them in agile form to build new services up to the platform. In this form, is waited that the wrapped enterprises and suppliers of services to their core business/offers be able to adapt more easily to new strategies. So there is obtained a process of development of more efficient and efficient software, in terms of the guarantee of the validity of the decisions of implementation and an improvement generalized in the process of development of software.


Finally, new services will be created on basis of the tools of development and deployment of the platform that will be available in the Cloud and that fit the sub-domains of the bench and insurances, culminating in the proof of concept of the ISOFIN Cloud.