The aim of the IMAGINE project is the achievement of a development and delivery of a novel comprehensive methodology and the respective platform for effective end-to-end management of dynamic manufacturing networks in an innovative plug and produce approach, and also to support the emergence of a powerful new production model, based on community, collaboration, self-organisation and openness rather than on hierarchy and centralised control. Living Labs in major industrial sectors (Furniture, Aerospace, Automotive, etc.) will drive the implementation, testing, evaluation and dissemination of the IMAGINE methodology and supporting ICT platform.


IMAGINE will have a catalytic and long lasting impact on the way in which the next generation of manufacturing systems and processes will be developed and delivered, and will help EU manufacturing enterprises to adapt to global competitive pressures by providing the technological base that helps reduce manufacturing cycle times, increase production, and improve on-time delivery rates, contributing thereby to a sustainable global manufacturing industry.


IMAGINE will allow moreover OEMs and SMEs to become more responsive and agile in designing and producing a new generation Future-Internet manufacturing applications, thereby boosting their productivity and competitiveness, while it will provide the core functionality and lay the foundations for the factories of the future by tightening plant-to enterprise integration at network level.