The aim of the funSTEP project is the achievement of an integrated STEP-based environment for manufacturer-customer integration, and the support of information flow management in the factory. This will be applied initially to the furniture industry.  funStep will develop STEP models regarding product development, customer order processing, process planning, and project management where furniture products are involved. The funStep results will be exploited mainly as a basis for further marketable software, but also as acquired know-how for technology transfer projects, industrial staff training tools, and even market software integration tools. It is intended to propose the final models as an ISO-STEP furniture Application Protocol.


The consortium includes: a) end-users (furniture manufacturers), who provide specifications and aim to install the envisaged functionality onto their systems; b) technology providers, involved in the design, development and implementation of state-of-the-art tools, and are committed to the exploitation of the main results; c) as well as research institutions.