The Mission of FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries) project is, on one side,  to provide the FI PPP Core Platform with a set of industry-led use case trials in the manufacturing domain,  in order to test and assess the suitability,  openness and flexibility of FI-WARE Generic Enablers; on the other side,  to contribute to the social-technological-economical-environmental-political (STEEP) objectives included in the “ICT for Manufacturing” and “Future Internet Enterprise Systems” EU research roadmaps,  by integrating FI generic and specific enablers with key business processes and enterprise applications currently running in Smart,  Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future.


The FITMAN mission aims to create a virtuous innovation vortex between the FI PPP and the manufacturing sector, represented here by the FInES movement and the FoF PPP: on the one hand the EU IT industry, SMEs and web entrepreneurs, needs to explore new market opportunities and the manufacturing sector is one fundamental driving force for EU economy.