The main objective of the BEinCPPS CPMSinCPPS experiment is to investigate the applicability of the BEinCPPS components in the SMEs’ environment for improving the performance of processes. The industrial use-case in this proposal is in fact seeking to move towards an operational CPS-based production process with the support of BEinCPPS modeling and simulation components for the design and execution of such as process. For these purposes, the work is planed around 6 main tasks mainly including the identification of the requirements, analysis of the functionalities of related BEinCPPS components, developments regarding the integration and adaptation of the components, evaluation of the experimentation and finally preparation of the exploitation. During this experimentation, dissemination activities will be also performed to enhance its visibility. In the followings, the available human and technical resources (experimental facilities and role of the partners) are first mentioned. Then, the tasks and the activities are described more in detail.