The AQUASMART project responds to the EU’s Blue Growth Strategy for marine and maritime sustainable growth and the Commission’s Europe 2020 Strategy. Aquaculture industry, which comprises mainly of SME companies, represents a significant source of protein for people. Globally, nearly half the fish consumed by humans is produced by fish farms. Global production is forecasted to increase from 45 million tons in 2014 to 85 million by 2030, making the aquaculture industry the fastest growing animal food producing sector in the world. The European Union needs an innovative aquaculture industry to meet rising seafood demand and to enhance its commercial stocks.


AQUASMART addresses the problem of global knowledge access, seamless data exchanges and data reuse between aquaculture companies and its related stakeholders. The AQUASMART mission is driven by the business need of the European aquaculture companies, when companies have business objectives that they cannot achieve due to lack of instruments that would enable them to manage and access to global knowledge and big data, in a multi-lingual, multi-sector and cross-border setting. Experienced research institutes, with complementary expertise and technology, participate in the consortium as technology supplier and transfer of solutions to the aquaculture stakeholders that is properly represented by important companies in the consortium. The data collected in the AQUASMART open data cloud is suitable to be reused in other industrial domains if needed, (e.g., environmental or transportation data), providing a cross-sectorial setting to the provided solution.



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