The vision of ALTER-NATIVA Project is to build consensus and valid curricula for the training programmes of professors in the areas of language, mathematics and science, and with them propose different educational projects, embodying information and communication technologies (ICT). These actions will be implemented with the active participation of the universities associated with ALTER-NATIVA Project as an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary network.


This network will provide a training and reflection environment, as well as a permanent educational activity, with the ability to serve the population with basic education and to promote the access and retention of people with special educational needs in the programs offered by the associated institutions.


The ALTER-NATIVA Project believes that the main action to eliminate the inequality and the educational exclusion is by training the professors to privilege in their pedagogical practice how to be and live in society. “To be with”, “To act” and “To acknowledge” represent the main actions of ALTER-NATIVA for the development of different educational environments.