ACACIA: Cooperation centres for the promotion, strengthening and transfer of best practices that support, educate, adapt, communicate, innovate and welcome the university community.

ACACIA Project intends to contribute  to the disappearance of exclusion ,discrimination and marginalization by  enriching universities with social and policies tools, developing educational programs, and using innovative technologies to complement educational processes and proposing new institutional organizations. ACACIA uses new technologies such as mobile learning, social networks, and serious games to improve student engagement

This project will innovate, training and teach in eLearning:

Empodera: Provide training in areas of eLearning standards, accessibility and usability; Maintain the Kit & Thesaurus ALTER-NATIVAknowledge base; Support the creation of accessible educational content, e.g. using language interpretation signs.

Innova: Innovate in the applications and programs creation to meet special educational needs and diversity, e.g. using 3D printers.

Cultiva: Train professors of teacher education programs with the support of the ALTER-NATIVA’s curricular elementsand VLOto promote educational development of vulnerable populations from a community welfare perspective.

Apoya: Detect, track and support students' emotions with disabilities and critical family situations through both regular and advanced techniques (e.g. automatic emotion detection systems) to improve academic performance and avoid abandonment.

Convoca: Organize and control the activities in the establishment of the different centres(e.g. space, physical resources and institutional rules). Address the development and continuous evaluation of capacity building in the various CADEP.