Ruben Costa

Senior researcher at UNINOVA center. Holds a PhD degree in Industrial Information Systems by the New University of Lisbon, an MSc in Computer Science and a graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He began his professional career has a consultant at Deloitte. He has worked in the Integration, Development and Infrastructure area of the Management Solutions division. has a consultant he participated in several National and International projects for the industry in several areas: Telecommunications, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Later he has integrated the UNINOVA research group, collaborating in several EU projects, such as FP7-612329 ProaSense, FP7-318452 MobiS, FP7-234344 CRESCENDO, FP7-216420 CuteLoop, FP6-34245 CoSpaces, FP6-507849 ATHENA and FP5-32035 ProdAEC. His primary area of expertise is related with KSEM (Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management) fundamentals; Business and IT service activities.

Research Interests

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Retrieval
  • Ontology Engineering

Projects Involved

Senior Research Team