João Sarraipa

Senior Researcher at UNINOVA center, he graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he also has an MsC in Computer Science, and holds a PhD in the area of industrial information systems of the Electrical and Computer Engineering, all by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL). He is deeply involved in the areas of Knowledge Management, Ontologies, Semantic Interoperability, and eTraining since his participation in projects like IDEAS (IST-2001-37368), INTEROP (IST-508011) and CoSpaces (IST-034245). He is quite experienced in research and coordination activities due to his work in several national and international research and development projects in UNINOVA since 2001, which contributed to the publication of more than 40 research papers in recognized international journals and conferences.

Research Interests

  • Semantic Interoperability
  • Knowledge Representation

  • Technology Enhanced Learning

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