Fernando Luís Ferreira

Senior Researcher at UNINOVA, Holds a PhD on Computational and Perceptional Systems from Electrical and Computer Engineering and has a MSc in Biomedical Engineering both by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL). His main areas of interest are those that relate Engineering with Health and Human Sciences. He has being involved in research projects in the Aerospace domain FP6-AEROSPACE- 502917, FP7-234344 CRESCENDO and health applications inlcuding knowledge management and clinical research on cancer and Brain studies FP6-508803 BIOPATTERN NOE, and advancements on Manufacture and Shop-floor production, FP7-213031 iSURF, FP7-604674 FITMAN. With two books published on computer Science and more than 20 scientific publications, he is teaching for more than 15 years and he keeps is research activities focused on Futuristic Engineering, Knowledge Management and Cognitive Sciences. 

Projects Involved

Senior Research Team