Carlos Agostinho

Senior Researcher at UNINOVA Center of Technology and Systems (CTS), he holds a PhD in the area of industrial information systems by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) and has an MsC in Computer Science from the same school. He is deeply involved in the areas of Product and Process Meta-modeling, Interoperability and Knowledge Management since his participation in projects like CEN/AIDIMA/2002/004 funSTEP AP-DIS and IST-2001-52224 SMART-fm. He is quite experienced in research and coordination activities due to his work in several national and international research and development projects in UNINOVA since 2001, where he developed skills in the areas of standardization, model-based and semantic interoperability applying MDA/MDI technologies. Currently is research is targeting dynamic environments and how principles from complex systems can contribute towards a self-sustainable interoperability.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Interoperability
  • Industrial Systems Interoperability
  • Information and Knowledge Modelling
  • Model-driven Development and Transformations
  • Model-based Services Engineering

Projects Involved

Senior Research Team