I-ESA 2016

I-ESA brings together the world's leading researchers and practitioners in the area of enterprise interoperability: it is a unique forum for the exchange of visions, ideas, research results and industrial experiences, dealing with a wealth of interoperability research subjects for business, enterprise applications and software.

One of the trends in the global market is the increasing collaboration among enterprises. Constant changes in inter- and intra-organisational environment will persist in the future. Organisations have to flexibly and continuously react to (imminent) changes in markets and trading partners. Large companies but also SMEs have to cope with internal changes from both a technical (e.g. new information, communication, software and hardware technologies) and an organisational point of view (e.g. merging, re-organisation, virtual organisations, etc).

Industry’s need for Enterprise Interoperability has been one of the significant drivers for research into the Internet of the Future. EI research will embrace and extend contributions from the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services, and will go on to drive the future needs for the Internets of People, Processes, and Knowledge.

Additionally, I-ESA’16 will feature a high-quality pre-conference programme consisting of workshops, tutorials, and a doctoral symposium. During the main conference, there will be an attractive exhibits programme and an additional brokerage event, including a hands-on "industrial use case challenge".

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