Contribute to enterprises seamlessly interoperate with others throughout research development of focal ideas, by removing barriers to interoperability, fostering a new networked business culture and transfering and applying the research results in industrial sectors.

Message By The Group Coordinator

Interoperability of Complex Systems is a trans-disciplinary area of applied research that addresses the problems related with the lack of systems and applications' interoperability in organisations, proposing novel solutions. It embraces hierarchical design for modelling complex and distributed systems, which requires a consistent supporting framework, using previous developments on standards and meta-standard architectures. semantic interoperability Complexity and Cyber Physical Systems theories have been taken as a reference to move beyond the state of the art in this area.

GRIS contributes towards the vision of the H2020 European Union Research and Innovation programme. The principal objective of GRIS is to be a catalyzer for the scientific advances and technology transfer to the industry in the area of Interoperability of Systems and Applications. GRIS aims to assure the research group maintains the excellence and visibility at national and international level, and it provides impact through extensive participation in sound research consortia, and outreach at scientific and industrial level.

This includes pursuing referential activities at International, European and National level, like research projects and scientific networks integrated in excellent consortia, publications of research in referential journals and conferences, technology transfer and closer synergies with the industry.


                                                                           Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves