Digital & Sensing Enterprise

The emerging concept of Digital Enterprise foresees to empower the development of business activities through new business models that incorporate digital technology. The unified digital enterprise (UDE) consists in a full digital image of the enterprise that puts together internal and external operations to get important advantage over its competitors. It addresses extensive connectivity of digital assets and enhanced business processes through integration of sensing capabilities. This embraces new models for innovative business relations, supporting extended, virtual and agile enterprises in the Future Internet. It also comprises Sensing Enterprise, a novel concept created by the FInES Cluster ( with the support of the European Commission, in the advent of the Augmented Internet.


The Sensing Enterprise is an attempt to reconcile traditional non-native “Internet-friendly” organisations with the tremendous possibilities offered by the cyber worlds (moving from the clouds to the dust). Acknowledging the fact that enterprises are desperately in need of innovative ideas to adapt, remain competitive, or sometimes simply survive in the digital era, the Sensing Enterprise refers to “an enterprise anticipating future decisions by using multi-dimensional information captured through physical and virtual objects and providing added value information to enhance its global context awareness”.


Research developed under this crosscutting competence envisions the enterprise as a UDE capable of sensing and reacting to stimuli, integrating decentralised intelligence, context awareness, dynamic configurability and sensorial technology into its decision-making process.