Collaborative Working Environments

Collaborative Working Environments can be defined as integrated and connected resources providing shared access to contents and allowing distributed actors to seamlessly work together towards common goals. It was foreseen that in 2020, such environments will offer an ubiquitous hardware and software infrastructure composed of resources providing a new blend of activity oriented, context-aware flexible software services supporting patterns of human interactions, human to machine interactions and collaborative gadgets, which all interact in a dynamic and pro-active fashion.


From an ICT perspective collaborative working environments establishment require a combination of technologies that together create a single shared interface between two or more individuals enabling them to participate in a creative process in which they share their collective skills, understanding, and knowledge in an atmosphere of openness honesty, trust and mutual respect, to jointly deliver the best solutions that meets their common goal. This would be supported by operators critical mass using service-oriented architectures and interoperable tools, which follow a philosophy of ease of use, scalability, anyplace and anytime capabilities, dynamicity, high quality of service, security, etc.