Banking & Insurance

Nowadays Banking & Insurance challenges in relation to Information Technologies are mostly related to the globalization and time to market agility issues like automation, mobility, scalability, interoperability, data security, validation & integration. Information systems in the financial industry (banking and insurance) whose business is associated with risk are constantly challenged to a high availability, speed, and data security level. From the weight of legacy applications to the new forms and technologies available for communicating with customers, partners, regulators, etc., banking and insurance information systems are constantly facing change management problems. Legacy systems are stable, but many of them are not scalable enough to meet the growing business and marketing demands that they are increasingly subject. These requests can vary, ranging from requests for information necessary to daily legal, accounting and operational of response to customers’ requests, which interact through multiple channels, such as the Internet, telephone or counter among others.


Additionally, as the volume of information increases, the time to answer and deliver solutions also does, often triggering the consumption of enormous resources. The adoption of next-generation reporting and visualization tools to satisfy business demands on flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance have been also addressed in this area. Consequently, there is a growing demand of research and development of ICT solutions on the Banking & Insurance area.