Agriculture & Aquaculture

The agriculture and aquaculture sectors are highly important for the European Union’s food section. Agriculture represents around 10% of Europe’s GDP employing around 25 million people. However, European Agriculture is faced with three main challenges, namely, changes in climate which affect agricultural production rates, as well as, increasing energy costs (electricity and fuel) and reduced water sources, due to increased demand for this scarce resource.


Aquaculture is practiced by both some of the poorest farmers in developing countries and by multinational companies. About 567 aquatic species are currently farmed all over the world, representing a wealth of genetic diversity both within and among species.  Eighty percent of current aquaculture production is derived from animals low in the food chain such as herbivorous, omnivorous fish and mollusks. Based on its dynamic performance over the last 30 years, and with fairly stable catches from capture fisheries, it is likely that the future growth of the fisheries sector will come mainly from aquaculture.