Projects on Going

OPTIMUM establishes largely scalable architecture for the management and processing of multisource big data, which enables the continuous monitoring of transportation system needs while facilitating proactive decisions and actions in a semi-automated way.
ACACIA Project intends to contribute to the disappearance of exclusion ,discrimination and marginalization by enriching universities with social and policies tools, developing educational programs, and using innovative technologies to complement educational processes and proposing new institutional organizations.
The goal of the vf-OS Project is to develop an Open Operating System for Virtual Factories (vf-OS), composed by a Virtual Factory System Kernel (vf-SK), a Virtual Factory Application Programming Interface (vf-API) and a Virtual Factory Middleware (vf-MW) specifically designed for the factory of the future.
Enabling maritime big data scenarios for EU-based companies, organisations and scientists, through a multi-segment platform that will combine data of different velocity, variety and volume under an interlinked, trusted, multilingual engine to produce a big-data repository of value and veracity back to the participants and local communities.
The project aims at establishing the sustainable research collaboration between MEF and UNINOVA in the topic of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) interoperability, with scientific objective to develop the context-awareness capabilities of the future CPSs.
The main objective of the BEinCPPS CPMSinCPPS experiment is to investigate the applicability of the BEinCPPS components in the SMEs’ environment for improving the performance of processes.

Latest News

GRIS has received the best paper award for the work developed in the recently concluded C2NET project (H2020 636909,
GRIS - UNINOVA will organize 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems IS’18. More news soon!
27-29 June 2017, Madeira Island (Portugal)